How One Shop Cut Cleaning Time for Lathes and Grinders

Apr 17, 2018
How One Shop Cut Cleaning Time for Lathes and Grinders

Challenge: Shorten time needed to clean lathes and grinders.

Find better way to remove metal shavings from lathe coolant and remove sludge from grinders.

Matt Slusher, Torque Converter Coordinator at Cardington Yukata Technologies, Inc. (CYT) was looking for a better way to clean lathes.  “We have an in-house waste water management system that handles our used lathe coolant and those shavings played heck with our system.”  Also, the grinders produced a thick, paste-like material that was difficult to clean.

Solution:  The SA5-175 PT Sump Shark

After reviewing several types of sump cleaners, Matt chose the SA5-175PT based on simplicity, ease of use, and portability. The SA5-175PT operates on shop air, has no moving parts, and need very little maintenance.

I recently checked in with Matt to see how the Sump Shark was working. “It has reduced the amount of time needed to remove lathe coolant from our lathes and grinding wheels. What used to take hours to clean out one lathe takes a fraction of that time.” said Matt. “More time can be utilized to improve lathe process or condition, rather than standing there watching coolant dribble through a hose.”

And metal shavings in the waste water have been eliminated.  “Now we are able to filter those issues out during our cleanings and have no issues treating the old coolant water.” Matt added. The Sump Shark is also used to clean the sumps of grinders. “We can now clean that up and filter it at the same time, unlike before when we had to use hand tools and scrape out the pans.”

Overall, Matt is satisfied with his choice. “We are getting longer coolant life since we can now clean out our pans in such a short amount of time, which reduces our overall waste.  The shark tank is very easy to clean and maintain as well.”

CYT develops, manufactures, and supplies high quality on time automotive parts to their customers worldwide.  The company manufactures torque converters, catalytic converters, and exhaust systems.  The company is based in Cardington, Ohio.

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