Sump Shark Sump Cleaner Suction Lift

Suction Lift

Sump Shark sump cleaner suction lift relates to pumping depth and pumping higher viscosity fluids.

As you can see, from the chart below, the power source of the CECOR sump cleaner is the best indicator of the suction lift. Fluid never goes through a Sump Shark pump because our pumps create a negative pressure in our sump cleaner to produce our suction lift and forces the fluid & sludge into our filter system. The suction lift is measured in inches of mercury. 1″ of mercury is equivalent to moving roughly 13.5″ inches of water through a column at 0 °C. The table below shows our suction lift and pump out capabilities by power source:

Series Power Source Inches of Hg Inches of Water Pump Out PSI
SA5 and CA5 Air 26″ 350″ 6 PSI
SE10 and CE10 Single-phase electric 17″ 231″ 6 PSI
SE15 Single-phase electric 13″ 177″ 6 PSI
SE30 and CE30 3-phase electric 13″ 177″ 6 PSI
SE50 and CE50 3-phase electric 13″ 177″ 6 PSI
SP50 and CP50 Propane 13″ 177″ 6 PSI
SA3-DT Drum top unit 12″ 163″ Gravity

CECOR has built in efficiency to help you clean your sumps faster, better, safer & smarter!