About Sump Shark® Sump Cleaners

Reduce the mess and clean sumps quickly, thoroughly and safely.

Ditch the grueling pail-and-shovel process!

CECOR Sump Sharks® sump cleaners are high-suction sludge vacs that remove collected industrial fluids such as coolant, metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, etc. and solid waste from reservoirs, tanks sumps and pits to help improve industrial and metalworking processes. They remove even the heaviest of sludge! Applications that benefit from Sump Sharks® sump cleaners include many different types of machines including but not limited to general machining, screw machines, grinding, water jet cutting, plasma cutting and more! Learn more about Sump Sharks®.

Sump Shark sump cleaner

Single Tank Sump Cleaners

Designed for collection, filtration, transport and discharge of coolant. One single tank sump cleaner with pump in/pump out capability.

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Combination Tanks

Two separate tanks with pump in/out capabilities. Designed for use with a coolant reclamation system

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Drum Top Sump Cleaners

Designed for use with standard 55-gallon drum tanks to collect spent coolant from sumps using high-suction lift.

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Coolant Dispensers

Transport and deliver fresh cutting oil and coolant to machine tools. Pair with a coolant sump cleaner for a two-part system for collection and delivery cycle.

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Quality, Durable Worksmanship

We only use high-quality components – and our products are proudly made in the USA.

Sump Shark Sump Cleaner FAQs

What is a sump cleaner? Why is good sump cleaning important? How does a sump cleaner work? What about a...

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ROI Calculator

Check out our compelling Return-on-Investment Calculator to see how much you can save annually, and how quickly you can break...

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CECOR Case Study - Regal Machine

“Now we can filter the coolant and replace it in about 15 minutes average. Before it took hours and we...

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