Air Coolant Dispenser
DA5 coolant dispenser

Air Coolant Dispenser

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Built in the USA Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Deliver and dispense fresh coolant or industrial fluid with the DA5 Dispenser powered by shop air. Available in 90-,140-, and 175-gallon capacities.

  • Loads through fill-hatch or suction pump-in
  • Air-operated vacuum/pressure unit
  • Hand push bar or power tow-bar

Data sheet

Full Specs

Tank Size: 90 gallon (341 l.)
140 gallon (530 l.)
175 gallon (662 l.)
Tank: Heavy-gauge steel construction
Liquid level indicator
6"fill hatch. Bottom drain plug
Transport Base: PT (push bar/tow bar)
Wheels: Poly tires: (2) 12"x 3"rigid,(1) 8"x 3" swivel
Pump: Air-operated vacuum/pressure unit
Requirements: 1/2" air service line pressure of 75 to 120 PSI
Pumping Rate: 25 gallons (95 liters) per minute
Discharge: 53-83 CFM
Overfill Prevention: Automatic overfill control, all discharge ports valved
Hose: 1-1/4"I.D. x 16' oil-resistant PVC dispensing hose with full-flow shut-off nozzle
Shipping Weight: 90 gallon - 470 lbs.
140 gallons-510 lbs.
175 gallons - 625 lbs.

Machines must not be used for flammable fluids (fuels, paints, solvents, etc). Avoid use in extra-high temperature or spark-hazard environments (ovens, welding areas, etc).

Fresh Oil/Coolant Dispenser

Tank-style dispenser transports fresh/reconditioned coolant to machine tool. Air-operated dispenser is available in 90-,140- and 175-gallon tanks.Load fluids through fill-hatch or pump-in suctions. Easy for one person to handle with automatic overfill protection.

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Air Coolant Dispenser

Air Coolant Dispenser

Coolant Dispensers