Sump Cleaner/Dispenser, Air, 60/60 or 100/100 Gallons
Standard PT (push/tow) Base
Sump Cleaner/Dispenser, Air, 60/60 or 100/100 Gallons
8" x 10" clean out door
Sump Cleaner/Dispenser, Air, 60/60 or 100/100 Gallons
Optional PL6 Base

Sump Cleaner/Dispenser, Air, 60/60 or 100/100 Gallons

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Increasing costs for the purchase and disposal of metalworking coolant have made extending the life of coolant crucial to most metalworking operations. The CECOR CA5 Series can be an important part of your coolant recycling program. The CA5 has two tanks on a single chassis, a sump cleaner tank on one side and a coolant dispenser tank on the other. The smallest air combination units are available in 60/60 or 100/100 gallon capacities.

  • Ideal for use with a coolant reclamation system.
  • Each tank has pump in/pump out capability.
  • Conveniently operates on shop air

Air operated sump cleaner/dispenser Spec sheet

Full Specs

Series: CA5
Tank Size Options: (2) 60 Gal (227 L) or
(2) 100 Gal (379 L)
Standard Transport: PT -push/tow (see options)
Pump: Air-operated Venturi
Suction Lift: 26" Hg (Mercury)
Standard Filter: F10 - 1 cu. ft. (see options)
Overfill protection: Automatic overfill protection, all discharge ports valved
Clean out door: 8" x 10" door with a 1-1/4" drain port
Pressure discharge: 6 PSI with safety backup valve
Air Requirements for Optimal Performance: Air line of 1/2" or larger. 3/8" or larger air quick disconnect coupler. Line pressure of 60 to 120 PSI and volumetric capacity of 45 to 80 CFM)
Wheels: Poly tires: (2) 12" x 3" & (1) 8" x 3" swivel caster
Hoses: 1-1/2" I.D. x 16' oil-resistant PVS suction/discharge hose including quick-disconnect coupler.
1-1/4" I.D. x 16' with full flow shut off nozzle.
Tools: (1) Straight, (1) flexible and (1) flared nozzle tool
Dimensions: 60 Gal: 86" L x 30" W x 52" H
100 Gal: 92" L x 34" W x 57" H
Shipping weight: 60 Gal: 700 lbs
100 Gal: 870 lbs

Machines must not be used for flammable fluids (fuels, paints, solvents, etc). Avoid use in extra-high temperature or spark-hazard environments (ovens, welding areas, etc).

Two tanks on a single chassis for cleaning and replenishing coolant.

CA5 Series smallest sump cleaner/dispenser units have all the power of the larger units. Conveniently operating on plant air, the CA5 has a deep suction lift of 26” Hg (Mercury) or 350” (9 meters) water. Vacuum lift removes heavy sludge, chips and dirty coolant in minutes. F10 (1 cu. ft.) filter separates solids from coolant. Dispenser side saves time by dispensing clean or treated coolant into the machine tool sump. Then transport filtered coolant for central recycling.

Sump cleaner/ dispenser is mounted on two poly tires and one swivel caster for easy pushing by one person. Pintle-eye tow bar allows unit to be towed by plant tug. Convenient 8” x 10” clean out door is flush-to-the-bottom for easy cleaning. Also included is a 1-1/4” drain port in door.
Safety is important
CECOR is the only sump cleaner to offer a three-step system to prevent overpressurization for air units.
1. Pressure Regulator – controls the operating pressure (6 psi) set at factory.
2. Pressure Relief Valve – goes off at 8 psi alerting operator
3. Rupture Disk – Shuts the unit off at 15 psi
CECOR units come with a pressure gauge. Many other sump cleaners don’t. We believe it’s important to understand what is going on inside the tank and how your Sump Shark is performing.

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Sump Cleaner/Dispenser, Air, 60/60 or 100/100 Gallons

Sump Cleaner/Dispenser, Air, 60/60 or 100/100 Gallons

Sump Cleaner/Dispensers - Air Power
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