Propane Sump Cleaner 175 Gallons
Standard PT (push/tow) base
Propane Sump Cleaner 175 Gallons
Optional PL6 Base
Propane Sump Cleaner 175 Gallons
Optional PL6 Base

Propane Sump Cleaner 175 Gallons

Propane, Single Tank Sump Cleaner About Sump Shark® Sump Cleaners

Built in the USA Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

CECOR’s SP50-175 propane sump cleaner  is the smallest capacity of our propane units.  Powerful 20 HP propane engine creates deep suction to pick up thick sludge from the sump, as well as puddles of the floor. Power source is contained on the unit – no hoses or cords needed.

  • Extra-power, high-performing sump cleaner
  • F50 Filter (5 cu. ft.) standard
  • Standard PT transport base – one person can push easily or use pintle-eye tow bar

Propane powered sump cleaner Spec sheet

Full Specs

Series: SP50
Tank Size 175 Gal (662 L)
Standard Transport: Push/Tow (PT) - Push bar and tow hitch (see options)
Pump: Lobe type, positive displacement air pump
Suction Lift: 13” Hg (Mercury)
Standard Filter: F50 - 5 cu. ft Filter
Cleanout Door: 8"x10" door with 1-1/4" drain port
Pressure Discharge: 6 PSI (pounds per square inch) with safety backup valve
Overfill Prevention: Automatic overfill protection all discharge ports valved
Engine: 20 HP Propane Engine
Hoses: 2” I.D. x 16’ oil-resistant PVC suction hose including quick-disconnect coupler. Separate discharge hose of heavy-section clear plastic 1-1/4” I.D. x 16’ with full-flow shut-off nozzle.
Tools: Three suction tools (1) straight, (1) flexible and (1) flared nozzle
Wheels: (2) 12" x 3" Poly wheels (1) 8" x 3" poly caster
Dimensions: 80" L 34" W 63" H
Shipping Weight: 1,268 lbs

Machines must not be used for flammable fluids (fuels, paints, solvents, etc). Avoid use in extra-high temperature or spark-hazard environments (ovens, welding areas, etc).

Filter Options

Transport Options

Industrial Tools For CECOR Sump Cleaners And Carts

Propane Power – no need for electrical outlets or air drops.

Cleaning a sump today no longer means shutting down the machine for a half a day while someone bails the slimy coolant from the sump with a bucket.  Sump cleaning today, using a high-vacuum sump cleaner, can be done in a matter of minutes.

CECOR’s small propane-powered sump cleaner (model SP50-175pt) delivers powerful pumping without electric outlets or air drops.  High suction lift removes coolant, chips and sludge from the sump. Sump contents pass through filter which separates solids from the coolant. Pump filtered coolant back to machine tool or transport for batch processing. Large capacity filter holds five cubic feet of solids.

Twenty-horsepower propane engine powers lobe type, positive displacement pump to generate suction to 13” Hg (Mercury) with a pumping rate up to 110 gpm. Efficient overhead cam and valve design, and pressure lubrication provide maximum power and torque. Dependable electronic ignition ensures fast, easy starts.

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Propane Sump Cleaner 175 Gallons

Propane Sump Cleaner 175 Gallons

Single Tank Sump Cleaner