Do Sump Sharks pump in and out – at the same time?

Feb 28, 2018
Do Sump Sharks pump in and out – at the same time?
Sump Shark sumpcleaner vacuums chips and sludge.

The Sump Shark sumpcleaner handles thick sludge and chips.

No, but there are important reasons why – product integrity and performance. Simultaneous pump in/out capability is not necessarily a good thing when you understand that you would be trading high-suction lift for perceived convenience. Sump cleaners that can pump in and discharge at the same time have a reduced vacuum lift in order to allow a separate discharge pump to overcome the vacuum the unit produces. This limits their abilities:to handle heavy sludge and slows evacuation speed.

CECOR’s Sump Shark sump cleaners are known for powerful performance. Our Sharks have the ability to pull vacuums as deep as 26” Hg (or 350” water) thus allowing Sharks to pump out the thickest fluids and heaviest sludge — all that nasty, messy gunk that lurks deep in your sumps. Because of that deep vacuum, we can’t simply “add” a discharge pump for simultaneous pump in/out capability nor would we want to. We aren’t willing to compromise our high-suction lift that our customers have come to expect, not to mention the design flaws of such low-vac systems. If we put a centrifugal discharge pump in the system like these low-vac units do, the vacuum depths we reach would cause pump cavitation (formation of bubbles or cavities in liquid that can implode/collapse and trigger intense shockwaves within the pump resulting in poor performance and possible damage). The centrifugal discharge pump would not be able to overcome our vacuum and fluid would be sucked up backwards through the pump, thus cavitating the pump. Pump cavitation would stop the centrifugal pump from discharging and can even damage the discharge pump. Also, these discharge pumps in low-vac systems are in the fluid stream. That stream can have metal particulate that may have slipped through the filter. And these abrasives can be hard on any pump.

But, wouldn’t I save time if I could suction and discharge at the same time? No. CECOR Sump Sharks allow you to clean your sump fast with pumping rates from 60 up to to 110 gallons per minute (depending on model). Compare this to the low-vac systems that can only pump 35 gallons per minute and are not even capable of handling heavy fluids and thick sludge. In the same time or less, CECOR Sharks would clean the entire sump (coolant and sludge) thoroughly and then return the filtered coolant back to the sump. CECOR uses positive displacement pumps that create a deep vacuum. And that same pump is also used to create the discharge pressure. Only one pump to maintain. These pumps move air and are not in the fluid stream so there’s no contact with abrasives.


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