Combination Tanks

Sump Cleaner & Coolant Dispenser

Combination Sump Sucker and Fluid Dispenser – Two Tanks, Two Purposes

CECOR Combination Sump Sharks have twin tanks on a single chassis. One tank is a sump cleaner for sucking out dirty sumps and filtering the fluid. The second tank is a convenient fluid dispenser for filling or topping off the sump with clean or recycled fluid, while you are at the machine tool. Then transport the filtered fluid in the sump cleaner side to your recycling  station.

How combination sump sucker/ fluid dispensers work

Tank sizes range for from (2) 60 gallon tanks to (2) 300 gallon tanks. Units available in air, single- and three-phase electric and propane.

Click the links below for more detailed information on each Sump Shark sump cleaner/dispenser power source & sizes.

Sump Cleaner/Dispensers - Air Power

CECOR’s CA5 air-operated combination sump cleaner/dispensers use existing plant air supply to vacuum chips, swarf, sludge and fluids from dirty sumps. Then return new coolant to the machine tool just as quickly.

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Single Phase Electric

Able to clean-out a machine tool sump and refill it with fresh coolant without leaving the machine tool.

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3-Phase Electric

Extra Power three-phase unit empties and filters contents of machine tool sump in minutes. Simple valve change to pump filtered coolant out of the tank. Dispenser side delivers fresh coolant to the machine tool.

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Propane Combination Tank

Conveniently transport filtered coolant to a central coolant recycling system; return processed coolant back to machine tool.

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