Drum Top Sump Sucker

Drum top sump cleaner

Drum top unit and TX-55PL means lower cost cleaning

Convert 55-gallon drum

Use a SA3-DT drum top sump sucker to convert a 55-gallon drum into a device to collect spent metalworking fluid. Any open-ended 55-gallon drum without leaks will do or use a CECOR TX-55PL as the 55-gallon drum.
You know that will not leak. Save time by replacing your diaphragm pump with a CECOR SA3-DT.

  • Ideal for sucking out spent metalworking fluid from the machine tool
  • Conveniently works on plant air
  • Easily lift and move drum top from one 55-gallon drum to another

The CECOR SA3-DT features suction lift of 12 inches of hg. While not as strong as our Sump Shark line this unit will suction out the sludge in your sump. These Drum top sump cleaners will give you pumping rates of 25 – 40 gallons per minute. The SA3-DT is ideal for transferring spent metal working fluid from the sump to the waste area. You only need to set this unit on top of your 55-gallon drum, connect up the air and go to work.