Electric sump cleaner

Electric operated sump sucker

SE10 and SE15 series

Electric sump cleaners (SE10 & SE15 series) use existing shop electricals to vacuum chips, swarf, sludge and fluids from dirty sumps. Clean up your machine tools sumps smarter, faster and safer with a Sump Shark®! It’s time to ditch the grueling pail-n-shovel or shop-vac process.

The right tool

  • Filter the thickest of sludge
  • Reduce mess
  • Save time and money
  • Pumping rate up to 60 gpm
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduce machine tool downtime
SE10 Series

  • High suction lift (17″ hg)
  • Rotary, vane-type vacuum pump
  • 13.8 amps
SE15 Series

  • High suction lift (13″ hg)
  • Vacuum motor
  • 14.2 amps


Electric operated sump sucker requirements

  • 120 volt outlet
  • Single phase
  • See amps above
  • 60 hertz


Simple to operate

Plug into your 120v wall outlet, turn on the machine and go to work.

Safety is important

CECOR Sump Sharks® have a vacuum pressure gauge so the operator can see what is going on inside the tank.
Pressure Gauge

The electric sump cleaners have a primary and a back up system for monitoring over-pressurization. The primary is an operating relief valve and the secondary will prevent the unit from exceeding 8 psi.

The SE10 and SE15 both have a mechanical (non-electric) overflow protection that will prevent the tank from overflowing when full.


The single phase electric operated Sump Shark®, model SE10 & SE15 series, sump cleaners come standard with a 1.0 cubic foot filter basket (F10). Optional 2.3 cubic foot filter basket (F23) available for sumps with higher volumes of sludge in their sumps.

Sump Cleaner Electric 60 Gallons

Tank Size:
60 gal (227 L)

PL - Push/lift
Vacuum Motor-Volts 115-Amps 14.2-Hertz 60-Phase 1
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Sump Cleaner Electric 90-140-175 Gallon

Tank Size Options:
90 Gal (341 L) or
140 Gal (530 L) or
175 Gal (662 L)
Standard Transport:
PT - push/tow (see options)
Suction Lift:
13" Hg (Mercury)
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Sump Cleaner Electric 300-400-500 Gallons

Tank Size Options:
300 Gal (1.136 L) or
400 Gal (1,514 L) or
500 Gal (1,893 L)
Standard Transport:
Tow (see options)
1 HP Electric Motor Volts 115 - Amps 13.4 - Hertz 60 - Phase 1
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Sump Cleaner Electric 600 Gallons

Tank Size:
600 Gal (2,271 L)

Custom Base (see options)
1 HP Electric Motor Volts 115-Amps 13.4-Hertz 60-Phase 1
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