Sump Cleaner Dispenser Propane

Sump cleaner dispenser propane powered

CP50 series

CP50 Series sump cleaner dispenser offers independent power with an LP tank attached to the unit. There is no need for in shop air, single or three phase electricity. Start it up and let the sump cleaning dispensing tool do the heavy lifting. Ditch the grueling pail-n-shovel process! Have the dirty side filter the solids from expensive industrial fluids (a.k.a. coolant, metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, etc.) for either re-use or disposal. The clean side is ready to dispense clean metalworking fluid to get the machine tool up and running.

The right tool

  • Filter the thickest of sludge
  • Reduce mess
  • High suction lift 13″ hg
  • Save time and money
  • 20 HP LP Engine
  • Lobe type positive displacement pump
  • Stong nozzle velocity
  • Reduce machine tool downtime