Tools for quicker sump cleaning

Nov 23, 2021
Tools for quicker sump cleaning

CECOR Makes Your Least Favorite Task Less Messy

We all know the sump cleaning task, without the right tools, should be a part of Mike Rowe’s dirty job series. Many machine coolant removal methods are sloppy and slow. Using a hand pump or shop vac to collect the fluid also requires a pail and shovel to remove the sludge. This method also has a high potential for a few stops along the way to unclog the shop-vac hose. It’s easy to understand why so many companies put off sump cleaning for as long as possible.

Delaying CNC sump cleaning can be costly. Dirty machine coolant is rife with bacteria that poses a hazard to workers and the part that is being machined. Contaminated coolant can also damage and depreciate your machines more quickly.

CECOR’s Sump Shark takes the edge off the cleaning process, . It might even make things too easy for Mike Rowe’s dirty job series. Each Sump Shark purchase includes a set of specialized cleaning tools designed to make cleaning out a CNC sump faster, smarter and safer. The three cleaning tools included with every new sump cleaner are:

Tools for your sump cleaner

3 Sump cleaning tools to make the job faster, smarter & safer.


  1. Straight tool – Gulping nozzle for fast fluid and sludge removal
  2. Flex tool – Flexible end reaches around corners to access hard-to-reach areas
  3. Flare tool – Cleans the bottom of the sump

CECOR also manufactures hand tools for a variety of purposes in your shop. These tools are optional and can be purchased as needed.

Tool Group

Tools for cleaning sump cleaner & spills.



  1. Floor squeegee – Squeegee has 14” span for fast spill cleanup. Connects to CECOR Sump Shark.
  2. Rake Tool – 3- or 7-pronged rack for cleaning up stringy material
  3. Hoe Tool – Hoe tool for easily removing any excess sludge from bottom of sump cleaner
  4. Telescoping pole – Attaches to the Rake and/or Hoe tool as a handle & extends over 120″

Custom Made Cleaner Tools for Sump Vacuums

CECOR can customize tools to make cleaning out your CNC machine sump (or sump cleaner) easier. We’ll need some details about your industry, coolant, and sludge, as well as the specific issues you’re facing. If we believe we can produce a purpose-built tool for your application we’re happy to do so.
Shop tools online or contact CECOR today to request a custom cleaning tool.

Smarter Design for Less Time in the Grime

CECOR sump cleaners offer several advantages:

  • • Round tank design withstands repeated pressurization
  • • Rounded interior means fewer places for bacteria to hide
  • • Multiple safety controls prevent over-pressurizing
  • • Included vacuum tool attachments improve efficiency
  • • All CECOR sump cleaners have cleanout door for periodic cleaning

CECOR sump cleaners’ suction lift achieves from 13”to 26” of mercury, depending on model. The most powerful sump cleaners in industry. This is enough power to remove even the heaviest sludge. Less than 13” of mercury tends to clog easily. Using less power and the wrong tools is messier and will take longer to do get the task done.

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