Wireless Coolant Dispenser

Dec 6, 2021
Wireless Coolant Dispenser

Put Down the Buckets: CECOR’s Wireless coolant dispensing is a smarter Way to Refill Machine Coolant Dispensers

Hauling 5-gallon buckets across the shop floor is a tiresome task. Not to mention operators’ time is better spent keeping machines running than holding hoses or mopping up spills. With CECOR’s history of developing patented designs, we knew there had to be a more cost-effective way of handling machine coolant dispenser refills – so we invented it.

SmartLid from CECOR takes the mess and stress out of coolant dispensing. Thanks to Wireless technology and innovative design, SmartLid lets you walk away from reservoir refills with no risk of overflow. SmartLid is easy to set up, easy to use, and saves heaps of time and trouble. CECOR’s fill station automation system also improves machinist safety and productivity from day one.

SmartLid Design Features

SmartLid is an 8” diameter lid that attaches to a coolant dispenser (or other poly container). It has a battery-powered control box and float system to monitor fluid level in the tank. Like all CECOR products, SmartLid is made in the USA and backed by our warranty.
Physical connections

SmartLid may also be compatible with other poly tanks that have a similar lid size and threads. Contact us with your dispenser details – we’ll do the research and let you know!

Wireless connections

  • • The SmartLid connects by Wireless from the CECOR WALLi (fill station) or WALLi-M (mixing station)
  • • Pair unlimited SmartLids with each fill or mixing station
  • • Only one SmartLid may be connected by Wireless at a time
  • • Flow automatically stops if Wireless signal is interrupted
  • • 30-foot wireless range

The SmartLid battery recharges quickly, and each charge lasts for about 20 fills of a 65-gallon tank.

How to Automate Coolant Dispenser Refills

Using SmartLid is simple:

  1. Connect the camlock to the SmartLid on the dispenser
  2. Connect the SmartLid to the fill station via Wireless
  3. Set unit to appropriate concentration
  4. Turn on water source and start it up

No need for supervision. The fluid flow automatically shuts off when the dispenser is full. There’s also an auto-fill bypass button if you just need a quick 5 gallons.

SmartLid Delivers Real ROI

The SmartLid fill automation system can save your shop serious money. Consider these costs:

  • • Number of machines running each day
  • • Number of shifts per day
  • • Number of days per week machines are running
  • • Average operator hourly pay rate

A machine can loose five or more gallons of fluid in an 8-hour shift. If you quantify the number of gallons refilled by the amount of machinist time spent managing those refills, you’ll get a sense of how much it’s costing you. And this doesn’t even account for time spent cleaning up spills and overflows.
Stop refilling coolant the hard way!
By making the process faster and easier, SmartLid delivers measurable return on investment in the form of more productive hours. Get the smarter coolant refill system that pays for itself.

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