CECOR Breaks Ground on New Home

Sep 1, 2017

Jeff Urso, President

cecor-ground-breakingJust like CECOR, I was lucky to grow up in Verona, Wisconsin.  Bob Troller started CECOR in 1955 in Verona. In the 1960’s, the population was about 1200. There were no stoplights, but we had a bowling alley and an A&W. CECOR was located at the edge of town.  By the 1970’s we had one stoplight and my graduating class was 150 students.

The population of Verona has grown to 12,000 and CECOR is now closer to the center of town. The community just voted to build a new high school for the current enrollment of 1500 students.  There are multiple stoplights and even some roundabouts.  The A&W is gone, but many other restaurants have moved into town. Some and made it and some have gone away. During this time CECOR has continued its steady growth and has had two additions to the original facility.

Change is inevitable. On August 21, 2017 we broke ground on our new 20,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Belleville, about ten miles from Verona.  CECOR’s new home will offer more space for manufacturing, training and product development.   It’s designed to optimize our processes, and it will provide more storage space for inventory. It will allow us to turn around without bumping something off the shelves.

Bob passed away in 2015. “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” is a quote attributed to Warren Buffett.  We are grateful to Bob for planting the tree under which we are all standing. Now my job is to make sure the tree has enough room to continue growing healthy and tall, unobstructed by lack of space. Hence, our move to Belleville. I will keep you posted on the construction of our new building and will make sure you know where to find us when it’s moving time.  Thank you to all of our customers for supporting us and contributing to our growth.

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