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Sump Shark®

Sump cleaner tools are marketed as the Sump Shark®. Research shows the Sump Shark® offers additional benefits over the competition. A few of these are:

  • Higher suction lift to remove metalworking fluid and sludge at 60 to 110 gallons per minute.
  • Filtering to separate metal working fluid from sludge.
  • Discharging the separated fluid at 60 to 110 gallons per minute.
  • The right tool to make a dirty and difficult job into a fast, easy and safe task.
  • Multiple power options

High Suction Lift

High suction lift is the power behind the sump cleaner. The Sump Shark® is an expert at removing metalworking fluid, chips and heavy sludge from dirty machine tool sumps quickly.  This is the right tool to save you money in many ways. A few of the money saving opportunities are:

  • Reducing labor cost when cleaning sumps
  • Improving tool wear because metalworking fluid is cleaner
  • Reducing metal working fluid costs because of reuse
  • Keeping your metalworking fluid fresher


As the fluid is suctioned into the tank, it passes through an on board filter basket which separates the solids from the fluid. In a matter of seconds you can switch to discharge and pump out filtered fluid at a similar rate. You can use the basket as a filter or add additional media for removing fine particles:

  • Fine cotton media
  • Poly media
  • Burlap style media

All three media types are included with your sump cleaner so you can easily determine which media works best for your operation.

Safety First

CECOR manufactures the Sump Shark® line in the USA. Over the last 65 years of manufacturing sump cleaners, CECOR has proven to be trusted & responsive to our customers. We use quality components and have the most expertise of any sump cleaner manufacture. Some simple examples of our quality components:

Quality Components
  • Wing nuts to secure the pot lid for safety
  • 1/2 inch thick gasket on the pot lid for durability
  • Filter basket to help the filter media last longer
  • Sludge does not go through the pump
  • Round tanks to prevent the tinning sound over time
  • Customers range from small shops to the largest metalworking manufactures in North America

CECOR products are manufactured to provide many years of service to your company.


All CECOR Sump Shark® series of sump cleaners comes standard with 3 vacuum tools and 3 different types of filter media. You can mix and match these to determine what works best for your coolant tank sludge.


Above all, the CECOR Sump Shark® is the right tool to save your company time and money when cleaning your sumps. You will be able clean your CNC coolant tanks smarter, faster, & safer.

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