Rotational Dumping Frame

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Dumping Cart with Optional Frame

Rotational dumping frame works hand-in-hand with our heavy-duty dumping carts. You only need one dumping frame for any of a series of carts.
The frames allow for elevated, rotational dumping from a forklift or overhead hoist. Multi-position dump settings control the container dumping speed for safe, easy and thorough emptying. Spring-loaded trigger operates directly or with remote rope-pull for dumping. Release of trigger overturns cart, which rotates 360 degrees. The empty cart returns to an upright position for return to the ground.

A single dumping frame will work on all of the chip carts within the CECOR series. An example would be the DF-1043 dumping frame works with all of the DB-L43, DB-O43 & DB-243 carts. You only need one dumping frame to dump all of the carts on your floor that are in the 43 series.

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