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Works With A 55 Gallon Drum

Convert 55 Gallon Drum

Drum Top Sump Sucker (SA3-DT) converts a 55-gallon drum into a device to collect spent metalworking fluid. Any open-ended 55-gallon drum without leaks will do or use a CECOR TX-55PL, you know that will not leak.

Save time by replacing your diaphragm pump with a CECOR SA3-DT.

  • Ideal for vacuuming out spent metalworking fluid and sludge from your machine tools
  • Conveniently works on plant air
  • Easily lift and move drum top from one 55-gallon drum to another

CECOR’s Drum Top Sump Sucker features suction lift of 12 inches of hg. While not as strong as our Sump Shark® line this unit will suction out the sludge in your sump. These Drum top sump cleaners will give you pumping rates of 25 – 40 gallons per minute. The SA3-DT is ideal for transferring spent metal working fluid from the sump to the waste area. You only need to set this unit on top of your 55-gallon drum, connect up the air and go to work.

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