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The All-in-One CNC Coolant Cleaning Tool

Combination sump cleaner / coolant dispenser Sump Sharks® have twin tanks on a single chassis.

Tank One – Dirty Side

The sump cleaning side is for vacuuming out dirty sumps and filtering fluid. It has the same power options as the single-tank Sump Shark® sump cleaner. Similar to the Sump Shark single tank, you can reuse or transport the filtered fluid in the dirty tank side to your recycling or dumping station. This unit will dispense the dirty metalworking fluid at the same rate it vacuums. You have an added option of purchasing a DF4 discharge filter for further filtering before recycling the metalworking fluid.

Tank Two – Clean Side

The coolant dispenser tank is a convenient metalworking fluid dispenser for filling or topping off the coolant tank with clean or recycled fluid. Twin tanks allow you to easily clean out a sump and refill it with fresh metalworking fluid using the same piece of equipment.

How combination sump sucker/ coolant dispensers work

The sump cleaning side of the combination unit has the same suction lift as their single tank counter parts.

Combination units have a range of tank sizes. Each of the two tanks on a combination sump cleaner / coolant dispenser is offered in the following sizes:

• 100 gallon • 200 gallon
• 150 gallon • 250 gallon
• 300 gallon

** Multiple power options available on each tank size. **

Tools & Media

All CECOR Sump Shark® series sump cleaner / coolant dispensers come standard with three vacuum tools and three different types of filter media. You can try each one to determine what works best for your sump cleaning needs.

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