Three Phase Sump Cleaner Dispenser

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CE30 or CE50 Series

Sump Cleaner

Three phase sump cleaner dispenser (CE50 series) uses existing electricals to vacuum chips, swarf, sludge and fluids from dirty sumps. Clean up your machine tools sumps smarter, faster & safer! It’s time to ditch the grueling pail-n-shovel process.


This 3-phase combination unit will also dispense new or recycled metalworking fluid back into the sump after it has been cleaned.

The Right Tool

• Filter the thickest of sludge    • 3 or 5 HP motor
• High suction lift (up to 13 inches hg)    • Lobe type positive displacement air pump
• Up to 23 gpm clean tank refill speed    • Simple to operate and maintain
• Collects dirty metalworking fluid    • Pump in / pump out capability
• Good nozzle velocity    • Distributes clean coolant
• Save time & money    Reduce machine tool downtime
Move fluid, chips & sludge at up to 110 gallons per minute!

Electrical Requirements

  • 3-phase
  • 208-230/460 volt outlet
  • 14.8-14.0/7.0 amps
  • 60 hertz


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