F23 Filter Basket

Metalworking Fluid Filter

The F23 filter has 2.3 cu. ft. capacity with a top dimensions of 9-1/2" and 13-3/8" at the bottom.  The greater bottom dimension is due to our safety features; the CECOR patented compound linkage & rotary latch allows you to safely dump the filter from the bottom.  The F23 filter is fitted for fork lift or hook hoist handling. CECOR's unique filter pack design provides a continuous filter medium. All of the coolant must pass through the filter with none escaping through slits or openings. If the coolant can bypass the filter through even the smallest opening, it is not being cleaned. The F23 is standard on the following series: SE30, CE30, CE50 200/200 and smaller and CP50 200/200 and smaller
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Filter Media

Filter Bags come in three weaves; fine, medium and coarse. F23 Filter sleeve options Learn more about the importance (or unimportance) of micron size

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