55 Gallon Drum tank


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Mobile Drum Tank

The 55-gallon drum tank (TX-55PL) is manufactured for the industrial environment. Stronger than an ordinary 55 gallon drum. This tank features:

  • Heavy gauge steel
  • leak free seams
  • 8″ x 10″ clean-out door
  • Valve in door to drain fluid
  • 2 rigid & 2 swivel casters
  • Fork pockets for fork handling
The heavy gauge steel construction and leak free seams give this 55-gallon drum the upper hand on whats in most shops today. The casters are sized to handle the heavy weight and keep the contents very mobile inside your shop. The built in drain valve allows you to drain off fluid, leaving the solids behind for collection and disposal.CECOR’s heavy-duty 55-gallon drum tank is well designed:

  • Carry liquid, solid or a combination
  • For easy mobility throughout a plant
  • Fits most drum top units

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