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Utility Tilt Trucks - The Handiest Helpers in the Shop

In every shop or plant floor, there are many sources of waste: sometimes it is the result of machining operations, or the used paper operators regularly use to wipe their hands. In other cases dumping utility tilt trucks are used to collect reusable materials like rags that can be cleaned and put back to use. Some of these waste or recyclables may be lighter items, while others may be quite heavy. The right utility tilt truck can make the disposal process easy, safe
and economical.

All CECOR dumping utility tilt truck carts are built manufactured for safety and long life and feature:

  • Rugged, all-metal construction with fully welded, leak proof seams.
  • Reinforced dumping knees for emptying at floor or dock level.
  • Carts maneuver easily and roll smoothly, even when fully loaded.

Utility tilt trucks, sometimes also known as utility dump carts, can be made of different materials. CECOR has chosen to focus on designing heavy duty steel tilt trucks because experience has
shown they are safer, last longer in industrial and commercial environments, and are less prone to breakdown as a result of harsh environments and forceful treatment. Plastic carts have become popular in consumer and light duty service areas such as commercial laundries, and hospitality venues. But they have proven to be of insufficient robustness in production plants where metals, flammable soaked rags and paper, or pieces of lumber can be commonly used and disposed of.

Rugged construction is only part of the story though, when it comes to utility tilt cart selection. Proper sizing, center of balance, and optimal dumping tilt angle determine safety and maneuvering effort, both of great importance to work efficiency. A properly balanced tilt cart requires little effort from its operator to put into motion, turn and empty. CECORS two step dumping design greatly improves safety by allowing an intermediate step stopping point as well as a final full dumping position. This gives the operator superior control of the utility tilt cart emptying process by eliminating sudden and unexpected swiveling motions that may harm the operator.

With years of experience and listening to industrial and commercial users, CECOR has developed a series of utility tilt carts with capacities range from 8-40 cubic feet with load ratings from 360 – 850 lbs. that match the commonest application requirements of today’s production and maintenance environments.

CECOR dumping utility tilt truck carts are designed for collecting, hauling and dumping of light-density loads. Their ergonomic two-stage dumping with reinforced dumping knees allows for complete, controlled, safe emptying floor or dock level.

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