Low Profile Dumping Hoppers

Low lip height, larger capacity

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Low profile dumping hoppers

Low profile dumping Carts are designed to conserve floor space.  The dumping carts have a low side for easy loading and easy dumping. A 15″ lip height fits easily under most conveyors and has a minimum capacity of 6.9 cubic feet. This series of low profile dumping hoppers have multiple dumping configuration options:

  • Rotational dumping (forklift or hook hoist)
  • Hydraulic dumping
  • Rotational and hydraulic
  • Fork pocket dumping

All of the low profile dumping carts maneuver easily and roll smoothly even when loaded. They have additional options to choose from:

  • Drain plug
  • Hinged drain cover
  • Four swivel casters

Low profile dumping hoppers have a conveniently placed push handle so you can switch the handle from side to side. This makes it easier to move the cart in either direction.

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