Transport Base Options

For moving your Sump Shark through the plant

Transport Base Options

SA5-400 on truck

400-gallon unit on truck

Sump cleaner with forklift

Fork pockets in SE15 base allow fork transport

CECOR offers a variety of transport options.  The transport base options are based on tank size or configuration due to safety or ease of use. Aside from that, you will pick what works best for your application, depending on the best way to transport in your plant and the distance you must travel.

Depending on size, some Sump Sharks can be pushed by hand, towed with an tug, lifted with a forklift or set on a custom trailer or truck. The different options are listed below. The two letter description corresponds with the model number.

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Transport Type Picture Configuration Availability

Hand push and fork lift pockets
Three wheels
Single tank: 60 gallon
Push bar and Tow link
Three wheels
Single Tanks:90 -175 gallon
Combination Tanks:60/60 – 100/100 gallon

Hand push and fork lift pockets
Six wheels
Single Tanks: 90 -175 gallon
Combination Tanks:60/60 – 100/100 gallon
  Tow Bar
Three or four wheels
Single Tanks:300 – 500 gallons
Combination Tanks:150/150 -250/250 gallons
Custom Base
For mounting on bed of trailer Single Tanks:600-gallon
Combination Tanks:300/300 gallon
Other sizes – optional
Walk/Ride Base
400-gallon air Sump Shark Battery powered pallet mover Please call us at 1-800-356-9042