Sump Shark®

Clean Sumps Quickly, Thoroughly And Safely With Less Mess

Ditch The Grueling Pail-And-Shovel Process!

Sump Shark, also called a sump cleaner or sump vacuum, is a high-suction vacuum with enough power to remove fluid and heavy sludge from CNC coolant/oil tanks. The Sump Shark® tool quickly removes and filters industrial metalworking fluids from machine tools for reuse, recycling or porting to waste area in your plant. CECOR has changed the process from a shop-vac, pail, shovel and many labor hours to a Sump Shark and a small fraction of the labor. This sump cleaner tool helps keep coolant tanks clean to improve your industrial metalworking processes. A CECOR Sump Shark can remove even the heaviest of sludge! Applications that benefit from Sump Sharks® sump cleaners include many different types of machine tools, including, but not limited to, general machining, screw machines, grinding, plasma cutting and more! The Sump Shark will save you money.

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Sump Shark sump cleaner

Sump Cleaner

Sump cleaner is a tool designed to save you money. This sump cleaning tool quickly cleans machine tool sumps. It removes the metal working fluid while filtering out the chips & sludge. This tool can help with suction, filtration, transport and discharge of metalworking fluid.

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Combination Sump Cleaner Dispenser

Combination sump cleaner dispenser has two tools in one. Two separate tanks with pump in/out capabilities on the same chassis. Designed for use with a metalworking fluid recycling systems. Vacuum and filter metalworking fluid and sludge from one tank and dispense recycled or new metalworking fluid from the other.

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Drum Top Sump Sucker

Drum top sump sucker is designed for use with standard 55-gallon drum. This tool collects spent metalworking fluid and sludge from sumps using strong suction lift. While not as powerful as the Sump Shark® series, this is a great start to faster, smarter & safer sump cleaning practices.

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Quality, Durable Worksmanship

We only use high-quality components – and our products are proudly made in the USA.

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