How Dumping Method Contributes to Footprint Size

Jul 21, 2017

CECOR dumping carts have a smaller footprint and equal or greater capacity!

CECOR knows that manufacturing floor space is at a premium. That’s why we design our carts to have a small footprint and make the best use of the cube. Carts fit under conveyors, against machines and in tight spaces … where a rocker-style hopper just won’t fit. Because CECOR carts dump with the aid of a patented dumping frame, they don’t need the extra useless space to accommodate the rocker motion that a rocker-style hopper needs. So more space to hold more industrial scrap.
Both containers hold about 13.4 cubic feet or 1/2 cu. yd.
Click here to see how CECOR carts not only save space on the plant floor, but are easier to transport through tight plant aisles to dumping station.

See how CECOR carts empty using dumping frame with forklift.

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