Even Sealing: How to Batten Down the Hatches

Oct 21, 2020

The phrase “batten down the hatches” refers to the medieval practice of securing the hatch of the ship during bad weather. This procedure prevents water from getting below deck. Just as a captain “battens down the hatches” to protect his ship, it is important to secure the hatches (lid) on your sump cleaner. 

Securing the lid on your sump cleaner helps you get the highest performance from your sump cleaner.  It will prevent:

  1. Excess air from escaping the sump cleaner tank from the lid while on discharge
  2. Excess air entering the tank from the lid while on suction.

Oversized wing nuts, bolts, lugs, and a ½” gasket are used to secure the sump cleaner tank lid. This lockdown system will self-adjust to any changes in the gaskets each time they are used properly.  It is important to properly secure the wing nuts after each time lid is opened.  Failure to secure the lid properly will reduce the sump cleaners’ overall performance. 

To prevent uneven sealing, it is suggested that wing nuts are tightened evenly. Luckily, the easiest method for even tightening also aligns with industry best practices!

  • Line up the hatch lugs with the bolt
  • Put the bolt inside of the lugs
  • Put the wing nuts on loosely
  • Close all the ports on the sump cleaner
  • Set the sump cleaner to suction
  • Turn on the suction of the sump cleaner
  • When the suction pulls down the hatch, securely tighten the wing nuts

By utilizing this method, you can batten down the hatches effectively by using tools the sump cleaner provides! You and your crew will be in a better position to weather any storm that comes your way.

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