Fluid Dispensers

Fluid Dispensers

Quickly Deliver Clean Fluid To A Machine Tool

Fluid dispensers distribute clean metal working fluid to all machine sumps. Load the metal working fluid through the dispenser fill-hatch or use the system to suction the fluid into the tank. Pair with a sump cleaner for a two-unit system for cleaning and refreshing your metalworking fluid.

Depending on the power source, the fluid dispenser will discharge from 23 to 25 gallons per minute. Both power options give you a 90 to 175 gallon tank range. CECOR also has a gravity dispenser with a 110 gallon tank.

Loose the 5 gallon buckets and a machine tool operator walking across the floor to top off the coolant tank. The CECOR dispenser will allow one person to top off all of the tanks quickly each day. This allows your more expensive employees to concentrate on making the company money.


Distributes clean coolant or oil to all machine sumps. Loads through fill-hatch or suction pump-in. Pair with a sump cleaner for a two-unit system for collection and delivery cycle.

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