Fluid Dispenser – Gravity powered

Fluid dispenser is powered by gravity, includes an industrial strength base and a 65 or 100 gallon poly tank.

  • Vertical tank
  • Load fluids through top or use the SmartLid (not included) for blue tooth fill
  • Tow option available
  • Safe & easy one-person handling


Lead Time: Estimated shipping is 4 to 6 weeks. Actual shipping date depends on the existing volume of orders when your order is received. After receiving your order we will send an acknowledgement with an expected shipping week.

Full Specs

Series: DX-V
Tank: 65 Gal (246 L)
100 Gal (379 L)
Transport: PTL - Push, Tow or Lift
Hose: 1" ID x 16' oil-resistant PVC dispensing hose
Nozzle Full flow shut off nozzle w/hose
Wheels: (2) 8" x 2" Poly swivel casters
(2) 8" x 2" Poly rigid casters
Dimensions: 65 Gal - 46" L x 28" W x 59" H
100 Gal - 46" L x 28" W x 59" H
Shipping Weight: 65 Gal - 350 lbs
100 Gal - 355 lbs

Versatile, low-cost Gravity Dispenser DX Series provides an easy way to dispense fluid without a power source. Tank empties through a see-through plastic hose fitted with a full flow nozzle or by faucet drain located in base. Liquid level in tank is visible through the translucent polyethylene tank; gallon marking are cast in the plastic.

Base features heavy duty construction with conveniently place push bar and front-end bumpers. Mounted on two 8″ swivel casters and two 8″ rigid casters with poly tires. Heavy duty construction provides secure entry for forklift.

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Fluid Dispenser – Gravity powered

Fluid Dispenser – Gravity powered