ROI Calculator

The Proof is in the Numbers

CECOR® Sump Shark® sump cleaners pay for themselves.

CECOR ROI calculator – check out our compelling Return-on-Investment Calculator to see how much you can save annually, and how quickly you can break even after investing in a CECOR® SUMP SHARK sump cleaner.

Simply and fill in the blanks about your sump cleaning time & costs. The calculator then compares your annual costs without a sump cleaner to your annual costs with a CECOR Sump Shark sump cleaner. The ROI spreadsheet only addresses direct savings to you. There are a few savings that are more difficult to calculate and we consider priceless:

  • Increase tool life
  • Reduce downtime due to MWF issues
  • Reduce employee health issues due to MWF

How it works step by step

  1. Open the spreadsheet
  2. You may need to click on “Enable Editing” at the top of the spreadsheet before entering any data.

  3. Fill out information on “your machines”.
  4. Under this category there are a list of 6 questions for you to answer. Below you will find the excel cell position, the description in the cell and you will need to enter your answer into the cell to the right of the description.

  5. Cell “A5” – Enter number of machine tools:
  6. Enter the total number of machine tools, using metalworking fluid (MWF), in your shop.

  7. Cell “A6” Enter hourly machining rate:
  8. In B6 enter the price you charge for your machining. This dollar amount should include the hourly cost of the machine itself, labor, consumables, overhead & profit to run the machine. When the machine is not producing parts, this what it costs your company in sales.

  9. Cell “A7” Enter average gallon capacity of sumps:
  10. Add up the capacity of the sumps from each of the machines from cell (B5) and divide by the number of machines from cell (B5).

  11. Cell “A8” Enter number of sump cleanouts per machine per year:
  12. Enter the number of times you should be cleaning machines out each year into (B8). Ask your MWF representative his recommendation for clean outs each year per machine. Each machine may have a different recommendation based on how often it is used, type of raw material, and what it is producing.

  13. Cell “A9” Enter average number of hours to clean each sump:
  14. Enter the average amount of time it takes to clean a sump without a CECOR Sump Shark into (B9). If you have 10 machines that take 8 hours each and 4 machines that take 4 hours each then you would enter the number 6.857. This was calculated with the following math: ((10 machines*8 hours) + (4 machines*4 hours) = 96 total hours for cleaning/14 total machines = 6.857.

  15. Cell “A10” Enter Hourly rate of employee(s) (wage & benefits) cleaning sump:
  16. Companies have different wage, taxes & benefit packages for their employees. We tend to use 30% increase in wage to cover this. An employee making $15.00 per hour costs the company $15.00 * 1.3 (30% increase in cost of employee for benefits, workers comp, health insurance, company paid taxes, etc). If this fits your company then enter $19.50 per hour into cell “B10”.

  17. Fill out information on “your coolant costs”.
  18. Under coolant costs, cell “D4”, you will find 3 questions to answer that correspond to your company.

  19. (11) Cell “D5” Enter the coolant concentration (% of coolant per gallon):
  20. Enter the concentration you keep your coolant at in cell “E5”.

  21. Cell “D6” Enter cost per gallon of coolant:
  22. Enter what you pay for your MWF per gallon into cell “E6”. You should include the cost of the product plus shipping to your site in this cell.

  23. Cell “D7” Enter disposal cost of coolant:
  24. Enter the cost of storing & disposing of old coolant into “E7”.

  25. Cells “B14 to B20″ sows the calculations for the annual Costs without Sump Shark:”.
  26. Review the calculations for cleaning a sump without a Sump Shark. The total costs are in cell “B20”.

  27. Cells “E14 to E20” shows the calculations for the annual cost of cleaning your sumps with a Sump Shark.
  28. Review the calculations for cleaning a sump with a Sump Shark sump cleaner. The total costs are in cell “E20”.

  29. Cell “D23” is the savings based on the above entries.
  30. Cell “D25” Enter the cost from your CECOR Sump Shark
  31. You can get a quote for a Sump Shark from CECOR or your local distributor.

  32. Cell “D27” is the number of months for your ROI (return on investment).
  33. Cell “D29” is your 5-year savings after your investment.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the right Sump Shark or more information on how to complete the ROI spreadsheet. You can email us at or give us a call at 800-356-9042 x2