Sump Cleaners: CECOR’s Solutions for Technical Hurdles

Feb 28, 2024
Sump Cleaners: CECOR’s Solutions for Technical Hurdles

In the manufacturing and machining industries, technicians frequently face technical challenges, from extending coolant life to maintaining machinery performance. CECOR has made these issues more manageable with its advanced sump cleaner technology.

Impact of CECOR’s Innovations

One significant benefit is the extension of coolant life. A leading automotive parts manufacturer utilized CECOR’s sump cleaners, specifically the Sump Shark models, to overhaul their maintenance routines. By efficiently removing debris and sludge, these devices have proven to save costs and reduce machine downtime.

Another case highlighted the benefits in a metalworking facility, where managing waste coolant and metal scraps was a major concern. The introduction of CECOR’s sump cleaners, paired with self-dumping hoppers, streamlined this process. This not only improved safety by minimizing manual labor but also made waste management more efficient.

Versatile Applications

Beyond basic cleaning, the Sump Sharks by CECOR offer versatile solutions:

  • Coolant Recycling: These devices separate chips and sludge from coolants, allowing for their reuse, which supports sustainability and reduces operational expenses.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular use of sump cleaners can decrease wear on machine tools, prolonging their useful life.
  • Spill Management: They are crucial for quick spill response, keeping workspaces safe and compliant.

CECOR’s Advantage

CECOR distinguishes itself by addressing the complex needs of the machining sector with its comprehensive range of products, including sump cleaners. These solutions not only tackle everyday technical issues but also enhance productivity and encourage environmental stewardship.

By integrating CECOR’s sump cleaner solutions into your maintenance practices, you can transform your operations. Learn more about how CECOR can make a difference in your facility by visiting

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