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How will a Sump Shark save time?

Save labor copropane sump cleanersts and reduce downtime. A pail and shovel or the machine’s internal coolant pump may seem like the cheapest way to clean a sump, but when you consider the hours (or perhaps even days) needed for an employee to do a thorough job, the costs mount quickly. By using a CECOR sump cleaner you can save money two ways. Save labor costs. How much are you paying that employee per hour? High-suction lift from a CECOR sump cleaner sucks the sludge and the muck out fast…much faster than a shovel. Reduce machine downtime. How much production time and money do you lose when the machine tool sits idle? A CECOR sump cleaner will reduce machine downtime to a minimum.

See how quickly a Sump Shark cleans a sump.

How will a Sump Shark sump cleaner save money?metal chips

Clean coolant lasts longer. Buy less coolant. Increasing costs for the purchase, use and disposal of coolant have made extending the life of coolant very important to metalworking shops. An important part of cleaning coolant is filtration or solids separation. Filtration involves passing coolant through a porous material that will remove the chips, swarf and fines.

Metal chips in the coolant can mar the workpiece. One of the functions of coolant is to wash the metal chips away from the machine tool and cutting area. The chips and fines follow the coolant to the sump where most settle. Those remaining are recirculated through the machine and can damage the workpiece by marring the finish.

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