Dump like a Hopper

But with a smaller footprint

CECOR Carts make better use of space than rocker-style hoppers.

dump hopper

Traditional rocker-style dump hopper VS. a CECOR

Both of these dump hoppers hold 1/2 cubic yard, yet notice how CECOR’s dump cart fits tighter and better – especially valuable in machine shops where floor space is limited.  CECOR’s smart design maximizes cube capacity while minimizing footprint.

CECOR  low-profile dump hoppers have loading lips as low as 12″ for easy loading under low clearances.


Loading side of twelve inches

Why a CECOR Dumper?

Eleven different sizes and styles

CECOR Carts Fit Better

Park cart where scrap is made.  Designed specifically for use with machine tools, carts fit easily under machine tool discharge, against machines and under other low-clearance plant equipment.  Reinforced, heavy-duty steel construction with fully welded seams won’t leak, melt, split, bulge or burn.

CECOR Carts make better use of space

Even when loaded...

CECOR Carts Move Easier

wheeled-dump-hopperHigh quality, heavy-duty industrial wheels and casters stand up to the most rugged loading. CECOR Carts maneuver easily and roll smoothly, even when fully loaded.  Cart can be pushed by one person. Also can be picked up by dumping frame or fitted with optional tow-links to track behind a tug and moved in a train.

Empty Loads Fast

Dump From Forklift or Hook Hoist

The cart trunnion pins latch securely to the dumping frame, which is secured to forklift or hook hoist. The trunnion pins adjust to accommodate light-and-bulky to dense-and-heavy loads. Spring-loaded trigger on the frame overturns the cart, which rotates a full 360 degrees. The empty cart returns to an upright position for return to floor.