Regal Machine Recycles Coolant with a Sump Shark

Jan 30, 2017
Regal Machine Recycles Coolant with a Sump Shark
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With over 50 machine tools, cleaning machine sumps was a time-consuming job for the staff of Regal Machine in Wyoming, MN. They used an air pump and a 55-gallon drum to empty the sumps and then cleaned up the chips and fines manually. Because it was a messy, unpleasant job, it wasn’t being done often enough. Chips and swarf in the coolant caused bacteria to grow. The coolant was not recycled, but hauled off by a service and new coolant was put in the machines.

Solution: CECOR Sump Shark SE50 powered sump cleaner

Regal Machine added an SE50 powered Sump Shark sump cleaner to their plant line-up.  The SE50 extra-power unit pumps up to 110 gallons per minute.  Don Eberhardt, the shop foreman, sums up the change. “Now we can filter the coolant and replace it in about 15 minutes average. Before it took hours and we did not recycle”.   With a suction lift of 13 Hg, the Sump Shark sucks coolant, chips and sludge from the machine tool sump.  See more.

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