Seven Reasons to Use a Sump Shark® Sump Cleaner for Coolant Maintenance

Aug 22, 2023

Coolant Maintenance with Sump Shark

CNC coolant plays a crucial role in your metalworking operation—maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your machinery. Over time, coolants become contaminated with various debris, tramp oil and metal shavings, leading to decreased performance and potential health hazards.

Sump cleaning using an efficient, high-quality sump cleaner is a vital maintenance practice to ensure the coolant remains effective and safe.

CECOR has designed and manufactured coolant sump cleaners since 1955 (the longest in the industry), and coolant maintenance equipment is still our main focus. During that time, we’ve seen again and again how important sump cleaning is to maximizing the benefits of coolant.

Here are seven reasons to use a Sump Shark Sump Cleaner to maintain your CNC coolant for increased productivity and safety.

1. Enhance Coolant Performance

As coolants age and accumulate contaminants, their ability to effectively cool and lubricate machinery diminishes. Solids can absorb desirable ingredients and lessen their effectiveness. CECOR Sump Shark Sump Cleaners deliver high-suction lift to remove all solids in the coolant sump along with the metalworking fluid. The filter separates solids from the coolant for re-use right at the machine tool. Filtered coolant is pumped back into the sump in minutes.

Regular sump cleaning with a Sump Shark restores the coolant to its optimal performance, improving the efficiency and reliability of the metalworking process. Your coolant will last longer, and you’ll buy less.

2. Extend Tool Life

Sump cleaning with a Sump Shark eliminates harmful contaminants in the coolant that cause wear and breakage of tools such as drills, milling cutters, grinding wheels, etc. Regular coolant maintenance using a Sump Shark, extends the life of these expensive tools, reducing tool replacement costs and ensuring a longer operational life for your equipment.

It also minimizes the need for tool changes. With improved heat dissipation and lubrication, cutting tools stay sharp for longer periods, allowing for longer continuous machining runs.

3. Minimize Downtime, Increase Productivity

Machine downtime due to coolant-related issues can significantly hinder productivity in your shop. Dirty coolant clogs coolant lines and filters, leading to pump failures and unexpected shutdowns. Proactive coolant maintenance using a Sump Shark Sump Cleaner prevents such disruptions by maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the coolant, reducing the likelihood of machine breakdowns. Additionally, a CECOR Sump Cleaner sucks the sludge and the muck out fast…much faster than an employee using a pail, shovel and shop-vac.

All this means more money in your pocket via increased production efficiency, savings on labor costs and less money lost from your machine sitting idle.

4. Improve Workplace Safety

Contaminated coolant poses health and safety risks to your employees. Tramp oil and debris in the coolant can harbor harmful bacteria, fungi and mold, leading to skin irritations, respiratory issues and other health problems. Regular sump cleaning with a Sump Shark, combined with proper disposal of waste coolant, reduces the presence of these hazardous substances and protects the well-being of your employees.

The Sump Shark sucks out the stinky, unhealthy sludge at the bottom of the sump fast—while giving employees minimal exposure compared to manual methods.

5. Protect the Environment

Proper disposal of waste coolant is a crucial aspect of environmentally friendly coolant maintenance. Sump cleaning with the Sump Shark helps you protect the environment and comply with regulations. The Sump Shark quickly removes and filters industrial fluids from machine tools to reuse, recycle or transport to a waste area in your plant.

6. Enhance Part Quality and Precision

Coolant maintenance has a profound impact on the quality and precision of the parts being machined. As coolant fills with metal shavings and debris, it loses its ability to provide effective cooling and lubrication, resulting in surface imperfections, burrs, dimensional inaccuracies and reduced accuracy in holding tolerances. Poorly machined parts that don’t meet required specifications lead to wasted material and time.

Regularly cleaning the sump with a Sump Shark reduces the chance of part defects, lowering scrap rates and maximizing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. CECOR’s filter system and filter pack design ensure coolant is filtered to the highest degree.

7. Improve Employee Morale

Ten out of ten employees agree—sump cleaning with a Sump Shark beats a pail and shovel! When sump cleaning is faster and easier, it will get done more often. With regular cleaning, you’ll avoid build-up of impacted swarf and layers of scum, and the job will be even faster and less dreaded. Reduced odor, mess in and around machine tools, and risk of dermatitis make for an overall cleaner, safer, more productive work environment.

Invest in Regular Sump Cleaning for a Competitive Edge

Increased savings, productivity, employee satisfaction and environmental compliance are all benefits to prioritizing regular sump cleaning in your coolant maintenance program. By recognizing the crucial role of sump cleaning and using the leading sump cleaner on the market, your shop can elevate its manufacturing processes to achieve higher quality output at less cost.

With nearly 70 years of experience, CECOR designs and manufactures the most efficient, high-quality, affordable sump cleaners on the market. We also offer the broadest line, so you’re sure to find a Sump Shark Sump Cleaner to fit your application.

Need more evidence showing the value of a CECOR Sump Shark Sump Cleaner? The proof is in the numbers. Download our ROI calculator.

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