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Deep Vacuum Hoses

Sump cleaner hoses are an important part of how well the CECOR sump cleaner performs. The materials we use can withstand the deep vacuum created by our sump cleaners. Our hoses maneuver easily and last through the riggers of vacuuming sludge. We have a few different hose materials to choose from.

  • Standard hose
  • High flexibility hose
  • High temp hose
  • Clear hose
  • Extender hose

All of the hoses have a range of flexibility & durability. The standard hose offers the best balance of both durability & flexibility. If your company has high temp or needs a more flexible hose we have those options available. The hoses come complete and ready to use right out of the box. We do have an optional cover to close off the hose ends when they are not in use.

Depending on the sump cleaner you purchased you may receive a 1-1/2″ ID or 2″ ID hose. We also carry a 1-1/4″ dispensing hose for dispensing clean fluid into your sumps.

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